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JSR Staff Professional Development: Social Media

Resources, timelines and forms to help you with your re-certification.

Why social media?

Why have a social media presence?

  • Branding - telling your own story.  
  • Communication - reach people where they are at.  (47% of people get news from FB/Twitter. Over 70% of NH residents have social media)
  • Public Relations - Make friends before you need them
  • Create a buzz.

Information from the SAU


Twitter is a wonderful resource for educators to build their professional learning networks (PLN) and connect with other educators. It is also a great opportunity for community outreach. Want some basic information to get started? Watch the videos below.

There are a lot of wonderful Twitter chats available for educators. Here's some basic information on how to participate in a "slow chat" on Twitter.

Twitter Basics

Click on the graphic above to see larger.