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General Use: Evaluating Sources and Media: SIFT Web Evaluation

Full Curriculum and Lessons

The SIFT method of media literacy and evaluation is offered as a set of lessons and activities called Check, Please.

"In this course, we show you how to fact and source-check in five easy lessons, taking about 30 minutes apiece. The entire online curriculum is two and a half to three hours"



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Lesson 1: Introduction to SIFT

  • Fakeout! Test your "fake news" detection skills with this game.
  • SIFT Find out what SIFT stands for and how to use it.
  • The Miseducation of Dylann Roof How Google search algorithms reinforce your thinking (confirmation bias) by showing results similar to those you have viewed in the past.

Lesson 2: Investigate the Source

  • Just Add Wikipedia (or Media/Bias Fact Check) Be a source detective.
  • Sifting: Alexa Enabled Toilet? What have you learned so far?
  • Sifting: Alexa Enabled Toilet Discussion How did you do?
  • Wikipedia When does it make sense to use and how? 
  • Alligator prompt What do you think? Is this story true?
  • Alligator discussion How did you do?
  • Volcano plane prompt Is this a reliable source? How do you know?
  • Volcano plane discussion How did you do?

Lesson 3: Further Investigation

  • MH17 prompt What do you think?
  • MH17 discussion Did you choose the least biased source?
  • Government Manipulation of Online Media
  • Expertise and Reputation
  • Warming Claims prompt Is the author an expert?
  • Warming Claims discussion How did you do?
  • Smoke-Free prompt Who is the organization behind the information?
  • Smoke-Free discussion How did you do?

Lesson 4: Find Trusted Coverage

  • Quick checks for other reporting: Keanu Reeves
  • Using Fact-Checks from News Search: Chick-Fil-A
  • SIFTing UN Dance Protesting Nikki Haley prompt
  • SIFTing UN Dance Protesting Nikki Haley discussion
  • SIFTing ATM Rats prompt
  • SIFTing ATM Rats discussion
  • How to use Reverse Image Search
  • SIFTing John Lennon's Murderer? prompt
  • SIFTing John Lennon's Murderer? discussion

Lesson 5: Trace Claims, Quotes, and Media to Their Original Context

  • Beer Tax prompt
  • Beer Tax discussion
  • Biggie and Cobain prompt
  • Biggie and Cobain discussion
  • Guns in School prompt
  • Guns in School discussion

Conclusion to the 5 Lessons

Care what you Share!

Sites like "BreakYourOwnNews" allow anyone to create graphics like this one. Use your critical thinking skills learned in the SIFT lessons!