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In this project you will learn about an emperor of Rome and prove that either your emperor was the best or the worst in the Rome’s history.

Roman Emperors

Does your Emperor belong in the Hall of Fame or the Hall of Shame?

Important Information

Learning Target 3.2:  I can debate the merits of various Roman Emperors.

Purdue OWL

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Books From the Library

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In this project you will learn about an emperor of Rome and prove that either your emperor was the best or the worst in Rome’s history.  To do this you will need to do some outside library and Internet research, prepare a well organized presentation, answer questions from the audience, create a unique and memorable visual, and turn in a fact sheet that demonstrates an understanding of how to document your sources in MLA format.  Your group will be assigned an emperor to research at random.  You will then nominate your emperor for either the Hall of Fame or the Hall of Shame.


The most convincing argument (as determined by the class) will be the winner.  The winning teams will each receive an automatic 100 percent for their summative grade.


Assessment and Project Components:

Summative Assessment:

Presentations 80 Points  (Based on the following…)

  • Knowledge and Research
  • Partner Cohesion & Organization of Argument (3-5 min, must have a clear argument)
  • Question and Answer (students will ask you about your emperor, you must do your best to answer their questions) (This time does not count toward the 3-5 minutes)
  •  Enthusiasm and Delivery

Visual 20 Points

  •   Overall Quality and Integration into Project
  •   Powerpoint, Prezi, Poster, song, skit, etc.  Something to help you deliver your presentation.

Total Score:  100 Points  


Formative Assessment:


Fact Sheet 10 Points

Includes 10 Facts about the emperor with citations as modeled below:

Example:  While Historians disagree whether Nero actually started the fire in Rome in 64 AD he did profit from it by confiscating land to build himself a new pleasure palace.  This was important as it demonstrates that he was more concerned with his own luxury than in helping to rebuild Rome  (Smith 42).

Works Cited:  10 Points  
Done Correctly with 3 quality sources minimum

Noodle Tools

Remember - a bibliography is not a list of URLs. Use Noodle Tools to properly format your citations.

With a Noodle Tools account, once you create bibliographies you can easily organize your research with note cards, outline your papers, and integrate with Google docs. 

Users will log in via one of the following: 

  1. Clicking the G Suite NoodleTools button (under the Google "waffle" menu)
  2. Entering their Google email on the login screen (under "Access via G Suite")
  3. A link (different for students and teachers, these are available under the "student links" and "staff links" on Chrome):


Creating a Visual? Try something different!

PowToon - Fun animated videos and presentations

Prezi - Move through your presentation with flair

Piktochart - Posters and infographics

They are all free and easy to learn!