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Students will create a tobacco prevention poster

Create a Slogan

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Anti-Tobacco Project Rubric

Learning Targets

3.1 I can understand facts about tobacco and how tobacco use affects my health.

3.2 I can understand the characteristics, dangers and consequences of using tobacco 



Students will be completing an Anti-tobacco Advertisement in a poster or online format.    This project counts as a summative assessment.  Students can focus on any of the following topics:  cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, or secondhand smoke.  The focus of the Ad should be on the negative effects or health risks.  Be creative!

The poster will include:




Works Cited page in MLA format

Project Tip

Open and use the following tabs on your computer:

Tab 1 This LibGuide (, Library, LibGuides)

Tab 2 EasyBib (click here)

Tab 3  Piktochart (

Tab 4 Resource from the list on the home page of this LibGuide

Find information from suggested resource, cite the source in EasyBib, add information to poster.


When you are done and ready to turn in your poster

Look in the upper right corner of the screen for the "Download" button and save as .jpeg

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