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Multi source research paper

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Assignment Details

Research Paper Assignment 

SS 5.2 I can explain the post-Civil War causes of the Industrial Revolution and examine its impact on American culture.
EN 3.1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 

Big Question:

Your paper will address this big question with evidence from multiple sources:  

How did ____________impact American society?

Sources: Complete a final works cited and submit on google docs, but write here first, if you would like. You must use 4 sources, including the textbook, a book and a primary source. 

  1.  Textbook (required): 
  2.  Primary Source (required): 
  3.  Book (required): 
  4.  Additional Source (required): 
  5.  Extra Source (not required): 
  6.  Extra Source (not required): 

Research questions:   Gather at least 6 pieces of evidence from your research that addresses each of the following topics: 

  1.  Historical Background of time period? (from textbook, should be completed already) 
  2.  What did your person accomplish? or What happened during your event? (at least 6 “notes”) 
  3.  How did your event or person impact the nation during the time period? (at least 6 “notes") 
  4.  How does your event or person impact the nation today? (at least 6 “notes”) 

Due Dates:
Source check Feb. 12
Thesis check Feb 17
Notes check Feb 18

Paper: due March 1st

Primary or Secondary Source?


Need more information? Find out more about Primary Sources by watching this video and for even more information click here.

Library Databases

Magazine, newspaper and journal articles. Offers some primary sources

Encyclopedia Britannica
Great for general knowledge on all subjects

Biography in Context
Especially useful for finding information on specific people who were influential in this era

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Of particular interest in the Gale Virtual Reference Library is the 4 volume "Guilded Age and Progressive Era Reference Library", "American Eras: Primary Sources 1878-1899", and "Industrial Revolution Reference Library"

Industrial Revolution Reference Library, 2003

American Eras: Primary Sources, 2013