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French 4 - Le Petit Prince Website: Home

French 4 students will create and maintain their own Google web site.

Le Petit Prence et les Nouvelles Planetes

Le Petit Prince et les Nouvelles Planetes

Together, we will create one web site, which will contain 16 web pages, each representing a planet like those visited by Le Petit Prince during his journey to discover the lessons of life.

Each student in French 4 will create and maintain their own web pages over the course of the entire school year. Each student will design, build and manage their site to represent what the John Stark French program meant to them.

Le Petit Prince


Need More Help?

Library Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm

Ms. Gadwah, Librarian

Mrs. Simeone, Library Assistant


Be creative. All work will be done in French - there will be no English on this site.

Sites may include but are not restricted to:

  • Previous French fieldwork experiences
  • French music and lyrics
  • French film
  • Creative presentations of French Grammar and Vocabulary (Quizlets)
  • French project ideas that were interesting or successful
  • French books, poetry, or other readings
  • French study tips
  • French food
  • French games or other cultural resources
  • French websites
  • French television or other media
  • French history, travel, art and museums, current events
  • Francophonie

Web pages can contain any number of sub-pages and should contain gadgets, links and external resources.

Remember, French is spoken in many places in addition to France.