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Assignment Details

Career Exploration Research Paper & Presentation

Career Exploration is an important part of your high school education because it gives you a focus for the future.There are many choices such as: the military, college, junior college, a trade school, a technical school, or right into a job.  

Write a 2-3 page research paper on a career of interest. Collect research materials from the library and internet. You must include at least FOUR different sources. Your paper should be in MLA 8 format with a Works Cited page and IN-TEXT CITATIONS. You will also be presenting your career choice to your class. Use PowerPoint (or like format) to present the career using the same outline as your paper.  


To help you focus your research follow the outline below:


  • Job Description/Duties – What does the job entail? What responsibilities would you have? Which responsibilities would you like or dislike?

  • Personal Characteristics and Skills Needed – What important personal characteristics do you think would be needed to be happy and successful in this occupation? Why does this career fit your personality? What personal values does this career provide that are important to you?  (Examples: security, having fun, status, helping others, challenging…) What are some important skills your career requires?

  • Education Needed – What are the educational requirements of the job? What specific high school classes and activities would be most helpful in preparing for this career? What type of education or training would you need after high school? What schools offer this sort of training? How long is the course of study for this career?  What is the potential total cost of training for this career?

  • Work Setting – How many hours would you generally work? What would your work environment be?   Would you travel? Would your job be stressful? What would you like or dislike about the work setting?

  • Wages and Benefits – Entry wages: How much would a worker in this occupation generally start at? What is the range of wages that an experienced worker can earn? Will the worker receive insurance, sick leave, paid vacation? Will this occupation provide enough income for you to live as you plan?  Does education make a difference in salary?

  • Employment Outlook - What is the occupational outlook for this career? Will I be able to pay back expenses for required education?

  • Personal Assessment - Explain why you think this occupation would be right for you. How does it fit your personality, interests, values, educational plans?

  • Citations- MLA 8 format, a MINIMUM of FOUR Sources, IN-TEXT citations and a WORKS CITED page are REQUIRED.


Suggested Resources:

An interview? Do you know someone who has this career?


Library Guide:


Due Dates:

Notes: 11/2/17 & 11/3/17

Rough Draft: 11/13/17

Final Draft: TBD

Presentation: TBD

Library Databases

General research database which includes biography, primary sources, encyclopedia entries, magazine and newspapers.

Targets and Competencies

WSP: Respect      
I can persevere to complete assignments that show original thinking, complete effort, and preparedness for learning.
1.2 I can produce clear and coherent writing following the writing process.

3.1 I can synthesize text evidence from multiple vetted sources and genres to support analysis.

3.2 I can integrate multiple valid sources of information presented in diverse formats and media.

4.3 I can present sophisticated information, findings, and supportive evidence in range of formal and informal tasks using style appropriate to purpose, audience. I can use various media to enhance my message.

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