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Calculus History Project: Home

Subject Overview

Noodle Tools

Remember - a bibliography is not a list of URLs. Use Noodle Tools to properly format your citations.

With a Noodle Tools account, once you create bibliographies you can easily organize your research with note cards, outline your papers, and integrate with Google docs. 

Users will log in via one of the following: 

  1. Clicking the G Suite NoodleTools button (under the Google "waffle" menu)
  2. Entering their Google email on the login screen (under "Access via G Suite")
  3. A link (different for students and teachers, these are available under the "student links" and "staff links" on Chrome):

Need More Information on Citing Sources?

Find more information on creating a Works Cited page, click on the Research Tools tab above. then click on the Cite Your Sources tab.

Assignment Details

As an end of the year project (as well as your final exam), you will be asked to research a mathematician that made substantial contributions to calculus. You will have 3.5 classes (as well as time outside of class) to complete your project. As such, it is expected that your project reflects the amount of time given.

Criteria for Success:

Mathematician due to your teacher by 3pm on Wednesday, May 22th

A PowerPoint, Google Slides, or poster presentation which includes:‚Äč

  • A brief biography of your mathematician
  • An overview of the contributions to calculus, including making connections to the topics we’ve learned
  • One problem that uses their method/contribution
  • At least one other (non-calculus) contribution to mathematics, science or philosophy
  • Discuss how mathematics would be different without these contributions
  • The last slide (or poster) should list your Works Cited in MLA format

5-10 minute verbal presentation that will be given to the class on Monday, June 3rd (4 students) or during your final exam time on Wednesday, June 5th (Guessetto) or Friday, June 7th (Caputo) (11 students). Note: If no students volunteer to present on Monday, four students will be selected at random, this selection will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd, in order to give those students ample time to prepare.


Mathematician Choices (see your teacher)



You will choose which target most closely relates to your mathematician’s contributions, and will be scored on that rubric.

Web Resources

Targets and Competencies

WSP Targets:

Classroom Comments NHWSP 3.1

Work Completion NHWSP 1.3

Responsibility NHWSP 2.1