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Important Papers

Books from the Library

Need information on citing sources?

Find more information on creating a Works Cited page, click on the Research Tools tab above. then click on the Cite Your Sources tab.

Assignment Details

Research Paper Assignment 


Battle of Britain
Alan Turing: WWII Code Breaker
Battle of Stalingrad
Medical Experiments at Dachau

Your final product will be a research/argument paper in which you discuss the impact of a figure or event on Western Civilization. You must cite THREE sources within your paper.  

Timeline for project:

  • Formative 3.1 – A third source with a brief explanation on how it will help your paper and why it is a credible and reliable source.

Due end of class_________________


  • Formative 3.3--Typed outline with thesis statement, sources cited, section on opposing viewpoint/rebuttal

Due end of class_________________


  • Formatives 1.1 & 3.4--Typed draft of paper and works cited page

Due end of class_________________

***Drafts will be graded formatively and reviewed between 4/17-5/1, and will then be handed back for revision***

***Second draft with revisions will be due one week from the date the first draft is returned.  This will potentially be your final summative assessment for this project.  In the event that further revision is needed, you will be required to submit a third draft for your summative assessment***

Targets and Competencies

English Learning Targets Addressed:

1.1 I can write a multi-paragraph exposition with introduction that ends with a thesis statement, body paragraphs with evidence and elaboration, paragraph unity, transitions, and a conclusion.

3.3 I can integrate evidence selectively to maintain the logical order of ideas including considering opposing viewpoints, providing appropriate rebuttals and effectively answering a research question. 

3.4 I can document sources using proper internal citations and a works cited to avoid plagiarism.

Western Civilization Target Addressed:

2.6 I can analyze the key events that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.


4.6 I can analyze how the Nazi use of terror, ideology and propaganda led to the process of dehumanization that culminated in the Holocaust.

Library Databases

Gale World History in Context
Extensive resources on this period in history including videos, primary sources, reference materials, and news.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Large collection of full text reference books including primary and secondary sources on the time period and on legal decisions.

Gale Biography in Context
Biographical information on important people from this movement.

Tutorial on the notes and highlighting features in Gale products.

Encyclopedia Britannica
General information provides a great overview of the people, actions, and influences of this time period.

Encyclopedia Britannica Original Sources
Find narrative and primary sources relating to the Civil Rights movement here.

General research database which includes biography, primary sources, encyclopedia entries, magazine and newspapers.

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Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm

Ms. Gadwah, School Librarian

Mrs. Gross, Library Assistant