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Short research on the Amazon Rainforest, why it is important, and what effect deforestation is having on the planet.



Noodle Tools

Remember - a bibliography is not a list of URLs. Use Noodle Tools to properly format your citations.

With a Noodle Tools account, once you create bibliographies you can easily organize your research with note cards, outline your papers, and integrate with Google docs. 

Users will log in via one of the following: 

  1. Clicking the G Suite NoodleTools button (under the Google "waffle" menu)
  2. Entering their Google email on the login screen (under "Access via G Suite")
  3. A link (different for students and teachers, these are available under the "student links" and "staff links" on Chrome):

Assignment and Questions

You are being asked to complete a research paper on the Amazon Rainforest, why it is an important resource, what effect deforestation is having on the planet, and to pose possible solutions.

Thesis: Preserving the rainforest is essential to the well-being of our planet and nations need to develop effective strategies to accomplish this. 

Big Questions
1. Why is the rainforest an important resource? 
2. Why is it getting destroyed? 
3. What are possible solutions?

Your essay will be five paragraphs in length. It will include an intro paragraph, 3 body paragraphs (each addressing one of the major assignment questions) and a conclusion paragraph. You will be using and citing at least three different reputable sources in your paper to prove your thesis. You will need to attach a works cited page (MLA format) to your essay and include in-text citations whenever you use specific facts from your research.

Important information

Due date: Tuesday, November 25th at the start of class.
For every day that it is late, you will lose 10% from your grade.

This essay is a summative grade.

Learning Target: 1.3 - I understand biodiversity and the connection between biodiversity and deforestation.


Library Resources

Databases available from the library provide reliable, evaluated information and MLA citations with one click.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Gale Resources

A to Z World Cultures

A to Z World Maps


Having trouble finding the citation for EBSCO articles? Find instructions here.