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JSR Health Insurance and Forms: JSR Forms & Helpful Links

Tips and tricks for navigating our health insurance policy!

Track Activity

There are not a lot of guidelines provided about how to document your activity. Feel free to use online printable calendars to log your fitness activities. 

Tip: If you have a Fitbit you can print the monthly steps chart from your online dashboard to use as documentation.

Links from the HealthTrust site

Some of these are hard to find - you may need to be logged in to follow the link directly.

Health Awareness Program Resources:
Fitness tracker reimbursement and eligibility link
Smart shopper incentive chart

Food Journal

You can earn points each quarter for completing this food journal.

Tip: Hang it on your refrigerator so you can easily update.


SAU 24 Wellness Log

This form is printed on pink paper and is turned in each quarter with your logs to document your wellness activities.