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Covid-19 (Novel coronavirus): Covid-19

The purpose of this LibGuide is to offer resources relating to Covid-19 along with additional information as it unfolds. This LibGuide will be updated, as possible.


The content of the boxes below were adapted and used with permission from Stephanie Charlefour of Monadnock Regional School District.

Your COVID-19 Vaccination

Find the latest information related to COVID vaccinations.

Johns Hopkins: Online Dashboard (and additional COVID-19 maps available)

NPR Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

(please click the image to go to current map)

The Corona Map: Visualizing the Data

This map gives you historical data of the pandemic. Please note this is not a live map, please click on the map to go to the live version. To read more about it, visit the map's explanation. (image from 3/19/20 at 7:50 a.m. eastern)

Explaining Coronavirus to Kids


COVID-19 Explained for Kids

A simple but effective way of talking with younger students, children, or siblings.

Symptoms: What to Look For; Incubation Period; and Asymptomatic Spreading

Symptoms for COVID-19, the Flu, Allergies, and the Common Cold Compared

How to Protect Yourself

Why Are Places Closing? Flattening the Curve and What Americans Can Do to Help

Flattening the Curve: What Does that Mean?

Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, NBA, NHL, College Basketball tournaments and even some school districts are starting to shut down. What is the point of this? 

How Does Social Distancing Save Lives?

from PBS News Hour, March 13, 2020

New Hampshire Information

New Hampshire COVID-19 Interactive Dashboard. Click on the image above to link to the dashboard.

John Stark Regional High School Information

John Stark COVID Response Plan

Information specific to our school district. 

Local Area Updates (Monadnock Region)

World Health Organization: Coronavirus video

Additional Coronavirus Videos

Combating Misinformation (Mythbusters and How to Tell What's Reliable)

Interactive COVID-19 Map

New Hampshire COVID-19 Hotline

Granite Staters can call 2-1-1 or 1-866-444-4211 for information and to get next steps if you are presenting signs for COVID-19.

Contact Me!

Databases: Your Access to Reliable Information

Coronavirus Information Websites

Health Websites