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Getting Started with Research: Organize and Write

Sometimes the hardest part of research is getting started! Here are some tutorials and tools to help.

Organize and Write

Organize and Write - use Noodle Tools

Take Notes

Outline the Paper

Write a Thesis Statement

Incorporate Source Material

Reflect, Compare, and Contrast use original thinking

Paper Writing Help

Having a good thesis statement sets the tone for your whole paper.

  • Thesis Statement Builder
    Use this tool to help you create a great thesis statement.
  • Paper Rater
    Get feedback on your paper with this tool. Paper Rater will spell check, proofread, and provide feedback on the originality of your work.

What does it mean to paraphrase?

Read until you understand.  Close the book or website and summarize in your own words Take notes and record keywords

Passages which are paraphrased still need to be cited as a source!

Noodle Tools Notes and Outline

How to Paraphrase

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing