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JSR Health Insurance and Forms: Tips from Colleagues

Tips and tricks for navigating our health insurance policy!

Smart Shopper

Click for ​SmartShopper (you will need to be logged into your account)

  • Earn $25 to $500 for doctor-referred, cost-effective procedures.
  • Shop by phone or online in less than 5 minutes.
  • Shop same day as medical visit, as long as you shop before your services.
  • Learn the truth about medical costs.
  • See options for health services in your area.
  • Confidential, voluntary
  • Available to enrollees with HealthTrust medical coverage.

Young Families or Dependents

Through HealthTrust, Slice of Life, Health Awareness Program each adult can earn $100 annually.  These include:


  • Health and nutrition classes
  • CPR training
  • Purchase of trackers (like FitBit)




6 Tips for finding the best prescription drug prices (Consumer Reports)

  • Check prescription prices here​ (
  • Check prescription prices here (RxOutreach)
  • From the Anthem site: under Useful Tools (right hand column) choose Prescription Benefits. Then under Pharmacy Benefits (bottom left box) click Price a Medication. You can compare prices from 3 local pharmacies.

Even more information here details on tiered pricing and searching for options on Anthem.