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Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons: Images

Confused about what you can and can't use in educational presentations? Is fair use a blanket protection for teachers? Here are some resources to help you and your students navigate the murky waters of copyright.

Don't forget to Cite the Images

Many researchers forget to give images the same credit as their other sources. 

If you did not take the picture yourself, give credit to the person that did.


Citing Images found Online

Do you want to use an online image not represented by a Creative Commons license?

Here is some information on citing images found online from BibMe

Here is an explanation and examples from EasyBib

EasyBib will also create citations for your images under the "All 59 options" tab click "Digital Image"

Where do I put the photo credit?

If you are providing attribution for an online photo:

  • Use a text box with "Image Source" or the author's name (if known) linked to the online location directly underneath the photo. You can also include the direct URL to the photo.

If you are citing information or data (like a chart):

  • Provide a full citation in the bibliography and use an in text citation in a text box directly under the graphic.


How to Attribute Creative Commons Images

Web Sources for Images

Creative Commons - an alternative licensing for online content with many images which are free to use and share, even commercially.

Photos for Class - Offers thousands of images for projects. When images are downloaded, the attribution is embedded into the photo.

Pixabay - Thousands of images licensed under Creative Commons which are free to use and share with no attribution required.

Flickr - Find instructions on searching Flickr for images and using the built in attribution tool here.

Google Advanced Search - Still feel most comfortable with Google? Enter your search term, choose "options," and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Under "usage rights" choose "free to use and share". See step by step instructions here.